3D camera maker Revopoint bags strategic funds, closed 5 rounds in 2 years

Featuring high precision, compact size and low energy consumption, Revopoint claims to supply a suite of cost-effective tools for 3D printer manufacturers, 3D designers and metaverse ecosystem players.

Revopoint (知象光电), a developer of SD cameras and capture technologies for machine vision and facial recognition, yesterday announced a new strategic round of financing for an undisclosed amount.

The latest round, led exclusively by Haitong Securities, followed the Series C round closed by the Xi’an-incorporated startup in November 2022.

To date, Revopoint has completed five funding rounds since 2021.

Revopoint specializes in developing high-precision 3D cameras and vision technologies with industry-facing applications.

Its product lines comprise 3D camera, 3D scanner and 3D robotic visual systems.

Featuring high precision, compact size and low energy consumption, Revopoint claims to supply a suite of cost-effective tools for 3D printer manufacturers, 3D designers and metaverse ecosystem players.

Nonetheless, among their application scenarios, Revopoint’s 3D camera products have found major use in various industrial segments.

Its cameras can realize 3D identification of target objects and guide robotic arms to perform a series of pre-programmed processes.

The array of cameras has been deployed to dozens of leading enterprises to help automate workflows and supplant human labor, says Revopoint, without elaborating.

For instance, Tracer 3D, a 3D visual system designed by Revopoint for welding purposes, is able to carry out small-batch and multiple-category production tasks, making it suited to flexible manufacturing.

The solutions are now applied to weld together civil defense door, car body panel, steel structure, steel bar and tube plate, achieving highly efficient identification and positioning of complex weld seams, according to Revopoint.

In welding steel structure, a common pain point is to join different-sized and variously located metal workpieces via traditional methods like laser positioning or filler metal positioning.

This is because these modes often fail to locate the starting and finishing points of the weld seams.

Trace 3D helps locate and capture images of the weld point in real time with speed and stability, considerably enhancing the accuracy of weld seam identification and positioning.

“The endgame of 3D vision technologies will inevitably become one with companies owning core parts and global brand advantages dominating the market,” said Zhou Xiang, founder and chairman of Revopoint.

Wang Qilong, vice president for investment at Haitong Securities, concurred. “3D vision is the digital entry point into a 3D physical world, as well as the key to robotic sensing of the environment,” said Wang. “With the advent of digitalization and intelligent technologies, 3D vision and capture has a huge potential moving forward.”

The company, with a double headquarters in Xi’an and Shenzhen, set up shop in 2014 with a group of entrepreneurs who obtained doctorates from academic institutions such as Xi’an Jiao Tong University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and MIT.

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