About us

We are a startup media outlet-cum-market intelligence provider based in Shanghai, China. Our team consists of a handful of tech enthusiasts with diverse backgrounds ranging from media and corporate communications to market research and consulting. What we have in common is a shared passion for robotics and an obsession with the role it can play in changing human life for the better — so far thankfully it’s the case.

As China’s robotics space continues to mature over the years, with a bunch of startups swelling the ranks of unicorns and even captivating the world with their disruptive innovations, we believe that the developments in this burgeoning sector merit closer attention and also systemic chronicling. This will help the outside world better understand the circumstances surrounding China’s robotics boom, namely, when it began, how it came of age, whether it is sustainable, where the limitations lie and what value it has to offer.

Image credit: Unsplash

As China’s robotics space continues to mature over the years… we believe that the developments in this burgeoning sector merit closer attention and also systemic chronicling.

That’s where we come in. We aim to bring to you the latest information about goings-on in China’s robotics industry, such as innovations and their commercial applications, moves by players big and small in the market, large financing deals, M&As and IPOs, industrial policies and regulatory shifts… you name them!

What’s more, to compensate for what we see is a lack of “all-encompassing” narrative, we also tell the stories about individuals who work behind the scenes to make all this happen. They can be company founders, engineers, scientists, investors and policymakers. They are often an “invisible” lot, so to speak, off the radar of established media and far away from the center of public attention. We are there to fill the void and put them in the limelight they deserve.

But as mentioned in the beginning, we see our role in broader terms. Apart from covering news hot off the press, we also present fresh insights, unique industry perspectives and self-generated research to enrich your understanding of the country’s budding robotics sector, as well as to empower your deal-sourcing and decision-making if you are on the lookout for the next Kuka or Fanuc coming out of China.

We believe we have a mission to accomplish. In an era when robotics is both loved and feared as a substitute, in some areas, for human labor, there are lots of myths to debunk. We don’t mean to appease minds rattled by the prospect of losing one’s jobs to AI or robotics, but it indeed is our goal to show that technology can and needs to be harnessed in service of the greater common good of mankind.

So, welcome on board and sit back as we take you on a fun journey through the constantly evolving, fast-paced and kaleidoscopic world of Chinese robotics!