DJI expected to unveil mid-range Air 3 drone soon with binocular cameras

The lack of a Hasselblad camera set is likely to disappoint, but it shows that DJI will only reserve the best -- and more pricey -- components for its premium series.

DJI is expected to release its new mid-range drone Air 3, a successor to its Air 2 and Air 2S models, in the near future, IT Home, a Chinese tech gear media outlet reported yesterday.

Air 3 has a binocular, two-camera system that is similar to the company’s top-of-the-line model Mavic 3.

But according to leaked shots published on WinFuture, a German tech website, Air 3 will not carry a Hasselblad lens as can be found on Mavic 3.

A binocular, two-camera system will be installed on the gimbal of DJI’s much-anticipated new drone, which affords better photographic effects and a wide field of view.

The lack of a Hasselblad camera set is likely to disappoint, but it shows that DJI will only reserve the best — and more pricey — components for its premium series.

Apart from the camera system, Air 3 will be powered by a new battery pack, with 4,241 mAh, or 62.6Wh, in energy density.

The upgrade in battery is expected to give a boost to the flight time of Air 3, relative to Air 2 or Air 2S, given the some 30% increase in battery capacity over earlier editions.

DJI’s Air 3 will come with two types of remote and they don’t sell separately. The drone and remote will be available as bundle packages known as Fly-More-Combos, along with spare batteries and other accessories.

The packages include two new releases, a DJI RC2 and RC-N2 remote.

The difference between the two remotes is that RC2 has a touchscreen and RC-N2 is touchscreen-less but possesses a smartphone holder.

Their appearances bear striking resemblance to earlier models DJI had issued, according to WinFuture.

The only noticeable difference, as shown in its spy shots, is that RC2 also has an external antenna.

Specs related to the drone itself and the remote are yet to be made public, but clues about price can be obtained from Amazon UK.

The pre-sale price on Amazon UK for Air 3, with three distinct “Fly More Combo” remotes to choose from, ranges from £1,379 (US$1,794) at the top, £1,199 in the middle and £962 at the bottom.

DJI has yet to set a release date for the new Air 3 series, although the gadgets have become an object of wild expectations among geek communities.

Techradar in a preview article described Air 3 as “the final model in the range to be updated and its new name will complete a distinct range of DJI drones for 2023.”

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