Dreametech ventures into robotic pool cleaner, announces debut in Sep

For its part, Dreametech will capitalize on its technical strengths in areas like high-speed digital motor, sensor and smart algorithms, to spur the upgrade and innovation in pool-cleaning robotics.

Dreametech (追觅科技), a technology company specializing in home cleaning appliances, announced on July 16 the launch of its new robotic pool cleaner, extending its product lines beyond robotic vacuum cleaner, scrubber, hairdryer, delivery robots and even humanoid and quaruped.

Headquartered in Suzhou, a manufacturing hub in eastern China that is one hour from Shanghai, Dreametech will launch two robotic pool cleaner products, targeting the mid-to-high-end market.

Its latest foray into a new product category followed hot on the heels of the release of D1, a delivery robot intended for adoption by hospitality, catering and food & beverage industry players.

By branching out into the swimming pool cleaner segment, Dreametech will face competition against rivals such as Aiper (元鼎智能), Winny Pool Cleaner (望圆科技), Degrii (众清科技) and more.

But this time around, the smart gadget giant surprisingly teamed up with Winny, a Tianjin-based company that is a well-known ODM supplier of pool cleaners.

It ranked third globally with a 18% market share across the world in the category of pool cleaners, according to a study from business intelligence provider Maytronics.

The collaboration with Winny seeks to create synergies and build upon its experience in designing, manufacturing and distributing pool cleaners, said Yu Hao, founder and CEO of Dreametech.

For its part, Dreametech will capitalize on its technical strengths in areas like high-speed digital motor, sensor and smart algorithms, to spur the upgrade and innovation in pool-cleaning robotics.

Worldwide, the number of swimming pools has grown at a CAGR of 6% to around 30 million in 2022, up from 28.5 million in 2021 and 25 million in 2019.

The global penetration of robotic pool cleaners, which automate the tiresome and complex cleaning processes, has reached 21% for households with swimming pools.

The Maytronics study also suggests that in 2022, the world pool cleaner market was valued at more than 7.3 billion yuan.

With the industry already teeming with a host of players from China and abroad, the entry of Dreametech, given its size and supply chain advantages, is expected to raise the stakes.

Dreametech has already initiated mass production of its new robotic pool cleaners. They are expected to make their debut and hit the North American market via Amazon this September.

Since its founding in 2017, Dreame Technology has been actively exploring the frontier of robotics in a broader sense, relentlessly expanding into new growth sectors like dishwasher and delivery robot or entering uncharted waters like bipedal humanoid and legged robot.

“We will continue to explore the broader robotic ecosystem, and dedicate ourselves to the application of robotics to various industries such as household service, commerce, agriculture, healthcare and transportation,” Yu of Dreametech was quoted as saying in a press release. “[And we’ll] gradually evolve toward a broader robotic ecosystem, so as make robots serve families and society in a more profound manner.”

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