Exoskeleton, quadruped robot on display in Shanghai to herald tech event in March

The 2024 GDC is scheduled to run from March 23 through 24 in the West Bund area of Xuhui, a place dotted by tech company headquarters and cultural landmarks.

A warm-up event of the 2024 Global Developer Conference, a tech extravaganza, was held yesterday in western Shanghai, drawing a large crowd of onlookers.

The outdoor event which took place at AI Tower, a skyscraper in the city’s Xuhui District, exposed visitors to the latest cutting-edge technologies such as exoskeleton and legged robotics.

ULS Robotics (傲鲨智能), a builder of exoskeletons tailored to logistics and warehousing applications, supplied its products to be worn and experienced by residents.

Overcoming physical limits

The startup, based in Shanghai, rolls out exoskeletons to help replace dreary physical labor and augment human capabilities.

They do so by gathering EMG signals of the user through built-in sensors. By wearing the robotic suit, the user can overcome their physical limits to lift heavy objects.

The device measures the torque generated by human-machine interfaces, recognizes users’ intentions and adjusts their gaits accordingly.

At the site of the event, a resident put on the exoskeleton and lifted two boxes of bottled water with ease.

“The power and ability of the exoskeleton to enhance endurance is just superb!” the resident in question was quoted as saying in local media reports.

ULS Robotics’ products now are being adopted on a wider scale in logistics and industrial sectors following its increasing visibility, thanks largely to the best-selling blockbuster “The Wandering Earth (2023),” in which they are featured extensively.

Robot dog kept on a leash

Apart from the wearable robot, also on display at the event were five robot dogs from DEEP Robotics (云深处科技), a quadrupedal robot developer from Hangzhou of eastern Zhejiang Province.

As a pioneer in applying quadruped robots in industrial scenarios such as electrical inspection and emergency rescue, DEEP Robotics set loose five units of its flagship model, the X30, to engage with curious onlookers.

According to the company, these gadgets are designed to complete tasks in hazardous and specialized environments in humans’ stead.

Through autonomous motion control and perception technologies, they could be programmed to automate inspection of electricity substations and other energy facilities, navigating narrow, dimly lit aisles or staircases on their own.

Revamped tech gathering

The 2024 GDC is scheduled to run from March 23 through 24 in the West Bund area of Xuhui, a place dotted by tech company headquarters and cultural landmarks.

Many activities will be held at the same time in the Lingang Area of eastern Shanghai, which hosted the GAIDC 2023, a tech gathering for AI developers and new product debuts.

This year, the agenda of the GDC conference will receive a facelift, comprising an opening ceremony, five forums on advanced technologies, more than 10 parallel panel discussions and numerous workshops.

These activities revolve around large language model, humanoid robot, open-source tech ecosystem, AIGC and other subjects.

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