Having a whale of a time! WhalesBot gets new base to spur STEM robotics

According to plans, it looks to churn out STEM-related robots worth over 2 billion yuan (US$278 million) a year and supply them to 1.5 billion teenagers across the globe.

WhalesBot (鲸鱼机器人), a developer of robotics for STEM education, saw its new industrial base topped off on January 15 in Shanghai.

This marked a milestone in the company’s journey to become a pioneer in robotics-powered STEM education across the world.

Located in the suburban Minhang District, the base sits on a land parcel of 40 mu, or 26,666 sqm, of land, roughly the size of four standard football pitches.

Construction began in April 2023. Upon its completion, the base is due to become operational in the fourth quarter of this year.

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According to plans, it looks to churn out STEM-related robots worth over 2 billion yuan (US$278 million) a year and supply them to 1.5 billion teenagers across the globe.

Apart from serving as an R&D and production center, the new base, which is situated in the Liangmaqiao area of Minhang, also doubles as a hub for the test and verification of STEM robots as well as a venue for student robotic competitions.

“After the base’s completion, we will use Liangmaqiao as a bridgehead and Minhang as a launch pad, leverage the base to achieve high-level collaborations across industries, to serve teenager STEM education in an all-around manner and build the base into a template for educational robotics,” said Lan Zhijun, vice president of WhalesBot.

“Going forward, our firm will continue to build an ecosystem featuring ‘AI education and robotics,’ to realize independent development and production of educational robots.”

Photo sourced from online Chinese media report

The base consists of 15 mu, or 10,000 sqm, of greenery for hosting outdoor events. Facilities within the base cover an entire floor area of 35,000 sqm, with 10,000 sqm going to an R&D building and 6,000 sqm functioning as the site for competitions.

Another 5,000 sqm of land is set aside for teenager STEM activities and 14,000 sqm of land will be turned into a digital production plant.

WhalesBot is reportedly a unicorn focusing on AI and robotics tailored to teenagers. Incorporated in 2018 in Minhang, the firm has grown into a leader worldwide in this field, according to the company’s website.

Photo sourced from online Chinese media report

It claims that key parts of its products, including chip, sensor and motor, are “100%” developed in house or sourced at home.

The product line extends across cohorts ages three to 22, catering to scenarios such as home, school, and tutoring institution, media reported.

WhalesBot ships 500,000 sets of its products to 22 countries and regions across the world every year, spanning categories like mobile robot, building blocks robot, drone and bionic robot.

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