Rossum Robot unveils new orthopedic robot, inks deals with Medtronic, Siemens

What's more, the device also made history by becoming the first assistive surgical system to undertake clinical trials in pelvis facture recovery, he added at the conference.

Rossum Robot (罗森博特), a leading domestic surgical robot startup, has unveiled a new surgical system that it says is capable of performing complex procedures on fractured pelvis.

At the 15th Annual Congress of Chinese Orthopaedic Association (COA), held in Beijing between November 23 and 26, the Beijing-headquarter startup introduced the new Rossum Panorama (罗森万相, the author’s own translation) surgical system in the presense of orthopedic surgeons coming from across the country.

Pelvis fracture is arguably one of the most difficult to perform in orthopedic surgeries, with effects down to the clinical experience of presiding doctors.

In light of these pain points, Rossum Robot has leveraged cutting-edge technologies such as 3D real-time positioning and navigation, AI-driven path planning and automated operation, to build a surgical robot platform for the treatment of pelvis facture victims, who used to be underserved under previous medical methods.

Wang Yu, founder and CEO of Rossum Robot

According to Wang Yu, founder and CEO of Rossum Robot, since the company’s founding six years ago, the prototype of Rossum Panomra has undergone three major iterations.

Wang, who is also a professor teaching at Beihang University, said the product is a technnological breakthrough in that it assists in navigation, path planning and completion of the operation, which he said is the first of its kind the world over.

What’s more, the device also made history by becoming the first assistive surgical system to undertake clinical trials in pelvis facture recovery, he added at the conference.

Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, one of the top-notch medical institutions in China, teamed with Rossum Robot in the research and development of its new surgical robot.

“This (device) is an outgrowth of more than 10 years of joint efforts with Beijing Jishuitan Hospital and Beihang University,” said Jiang Xieyuan, president of the hospital and director of National Orthopedic Medical Center.

Apart from launching the contraption, Rossum Robot also raised its profile at the COA conference on November 24 with the siging of a strategic collaboration agreement with Medtronic China.

The two sides pledged closer ties in utilizing their robotics and digital surgical management platform to empower surgeons and benefit patients.

Rossum Panorama, a surgical robot system targeting pelvis facture recovery

Under their cooperation, Medtronic will supply the consumables, implants and tools to combine with the surgical platforms from Rossum Robot, in their joint exploration of new, digital orthopedic treatment methods, according to a statement by Medtronic.

Rossum Robot also announced a partnership with the medical arm of Siemens, eyeing closer integration between robot-assisted surgery and medical imaging and diagnostics.

Rossum Panorama and Cios Spin, a mobile cone-beam CT (CBCT) built by Siemens, will join their strengths to advance a more accurate and convenient surgical experience.

Cio Spin is capable of 2D and 3D X-ray imaging of the lung and other organs.

Together, these medical innovations automate, visualize and digitize the whole process of orthopedic operations, from in-surgery imaging, to path planning, and to execution of surgical plans, said a joint statement.

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