Spotlight on Chinese robotic players and their products at MWC 2023

Many of them showcased their most up-to-date tech innovations and gadgets at the show, attracting hordes of visitors curious about China's tech progress after the country's three years of Covid-induced border lockdown.

MWC 2023 drew to a close with fanfare on March 3.

Some 150 Chinese exhibitors took part in one of the world’s most celebrated tech extravaganzas.

The Chinese delegation comprised 4,000 to 5,000 attendees, GSMA, the host of the annual event, said, adding the numbers approached 60% of pre-pandemic levels.

Many of them showcased their most up-to-date tech innovations and gadgets at the show, attracting hordes of visitors curious about China’s tech progress after the country’s three years of Covid-induced border lockdown.

Among them several companies introduced robotic products that wowed the viewers. Let’s take a look at their offerings.

Xiaomi Group (HK: 1810)

Aside from smartphone Xiaomi 13, AR eyewear and other AIoT devices and wearables, the Chinese tech giant displayed its humanoid robot CyberOne and quadrobot CyberDog for the first time overseas.

CyberDog, which made its debut in 2021, was equipped with Xiaomi’s self-developed high-performance motor, AI visual and voice recognitions, and other motion control algorithms.

Photos courtesy of Xiaomi Robotics Lab

Together, they enable the Chinese answer to Spot, Boston Dynamics’ iconic robot dog, to follow commands, identify owners and even move in unison with masters.

Meanwhile, CyberOne, which is much harder to build, is Xiaomi’s first full-size humanoid robot. At a height of 177 cm and weighing 62 kg, the robot is capable of 3D simulated reconstruction of the real world, and moves bipedally, generating a peak torque of 300Nm.

Both products are built using Xiaomi’s proprietary technologies coming out of its robotics lab.


As China’s leading autonomous mobile robot (AMR) solution provider, Quicktron (快仓科技) attended this year’s MWC as an ecosystem partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

In a video footage obtained by cnrobopedia, its AMRs can be seen moving boxes about a fenced exhibition area autonomously, without colliding into each other.

Screenshot from video footage supplied by Quicktron

According to Quicktron, AMRs will become a key effector in an end-to-end system, helping warehouse operators meet the logistics challenges.

As AWS builds a safe, scalable software-driven network, Quicktron, a hardware producer, said it is happy to come on onboard and work together with AWS to streamline intelligent warehousing operations and reinvent the user experience.


As a short-haul mobility pioneer, Ninebot (九号公司, 689009.SH) exhibited its e-bike, self-balancing Segway scooter, kart, all-terrain vehicle, robotic mower, delivery robot, among other gizmos at MWC 2023.

By attending the event, Ninebot looked to impress as a tech powerhouse, and also showcase its “premium” products that meet user needs, local regulations and market preferences in different localities, the company said in an official WeChat post.

The company also sees MWC as a springboard to overseas, especially European, markets.

Photos courtesy of Segway-Ninebot

“Segway was the first brand to come up with the idea to provide last-mile mobility in 1999, and its revolutionary short-distance mobility products have since entered the lives of many people and created new lifestyles,” said Dennis Hardholt, President of Segway-Ninebot EMEA.

“Segway’s two-wheel electric scooter production has hit an aggregate 10 million units, a new milestone in our growth trajectory.”

Ninebot acquired Segway in 2015 in one of the most dramatic M&A deals where a late mover bought a then market incumbent.

The F2 and E3 electric scooter series, displayed at MWC 2023, have a maximum speed of 32 kph and can meet customer needs for an all-weather commuter bike.

Unitree Robotics

Xiaomi is not the only exhibitor to put its quadrobot on display at MWC 2023. The four-legged robots from Unitree Robotics (宇树科技) threatened to steal the thunder.

The Hangzhou-based firm, which rented a booth this time, brought to Barcelona updated quadrobots. They come with V510, the 5G chip of semiconductor manufacturer Unisoc (紫光展锐).

Go1 quadrobot. Photo courtesy of Unitree Robotics

Unlike Spots or other quadrobots available in the market, Unitree’s exhibits are said to be able to walk within the peripheral vision of the user, not follow closely behind.

On top of this feature, the startup’s robots can figure out less obvious but more convenient routes on their own to navigate a complex environment.

Unitree dazzled the global tech community in 2020 with its model A1 that carried a sticker price of US$10,000. Its debut enormously increased the affordability of what was then labeled as “the pricey toy of the rich.”

Its Go1 series, which came out the following year and started way lower at 16,000 yuan (US$2,317), was an even bigger hit.

Unitree derived fame for the price tag it put on the device, in a sharp contrast to Boston Dynamics, which priced its Spot at US$74,500, or roughly twice as expensive as a Chinese-made Tesla Model 3 sedan.

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